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Memorial created 09-25-2016 by
Njoh Njie-Mokonya (Son)
Ruth Dibo Antiero
May 15 1942 - August 12 2016

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Ruth Antiero, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Ruth's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Ruth forever.


Mama Dibo Ruth Antiero (MAMA CHARCOAL GRILL) was born in May 1942 to Pa Henry Etim Antiero and Ma Agnes Yoe Antiero in Kumba.

EDUCATION: She attended the Government Primary school Kumba and later Kurume where she obtained her standard six Certificate.

WORKING LIFE: Armed with her standard six certificate, she secured a job with the then EMENS Textile Company Victoria (Limbe) in the mid 60s. When the company closed down, she picked another job with the Royal Exchange Insurance Company still in Victoria (Limbe) as a cashier where she worked for some years.

The experience she gained in Victoria enabled her to have the privilege to work as a cashier in the then prestigious S.C.B Bank in Kumba and Yaounde till the early 80s.

When she retired to Kumba, she decided to go private. She tried her hand in the petroleum business as manager of Mobil (Oilibiya) Buea Road. She excelled tremendously amongst male competitors. From there, she diversified when contraband petroleum products (funge) starred polluting the market. Mama Dibo Ruth Antiero shuffled between Nigeria, Cotonou and Togo coming along with cars, fabrics, jewelries etc of very high quality for sale. Side by side this activity, she ran the 1st ever snack/chicken palour “CALAO” in Kumba, a snack that hosted prestigious government officials who visited Kumba.

She will be remembered for her art in decorating funeral homes, a skill she displayed with so much flair for beauty and dexterity.

It is with a lot of nostalgia that she kept the flame of Charcoal Grill burning. This restaurant has been a hallmark of the Antiero family. When she could no longer run the restaurant due to aging complications, she leased out the facility. However, she continued to render catering services to those who solicited her expertise.

CHRISTIAN LIFE: Mama Dibo Ruth Antiero was a full-fledged Presbyterian Christian who was baptized into the faith in her early childhood. She upheld her commitment till her death. She was an ardent member of the Christian Women Fellowship (C.W.F) movement of the P.C Kumba Town.

Mama was a patroness to the C.Y.F and Sankey and Choral choir in the church. She was part of the Monday morning prayer group in the church.

POLITICAL LIFE: Mama Ruth had an active political life. She was a member of the C.P.D.M Party, militating in the women’s wing and a member of GEFAC Organization. She was the president the Kumba branch. She was amongst the privileged few women in the South-West Region to present new year wishes to the first lady in the Unity Palace in Yaounde.

She was inspiring and a role model to a lot of other women who wished to do politics or business.

LIFE IN THE FAMILY: Mama was the locomotive of the Antiero family. She worked tirelessly for cohesion and harmony in the family. She didn’t fail to assemble the family every beginning of the year to advice and chart the way forward over lunch. In times of crisis, she will not hesitate to consult her sister Ma Emilia Mukete for valuable advice. Mama can best be described as “a rare gem”, she expressed motherhood not only to her children, but to her nieces and nephews as well. Her tender love over flowed family boundaries. She nurtured and raised other children who adopted her as their mum. She made a lot of friends, participated actively in matters concerning the Bafaw tribe. Well, mother’s lifelong desire was to see us working together as a unit, always looking out for each other, walking through the walk of life united and in the ideals and principles that are espoused in the Holy Scriptures.


The entire family is deeply grieved by her demise. We pray God to give us a replacement of her kind. She is survived by 4 of her 5 children, 9 grand-children, a brother Mr. Joseph Antiero, cousins, nieces, nephews, in-laws, friends and a host of others to mourn her. May her gentle soul rest in peace.


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