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Memorial created 07-28-2006
Joanne Golds
August 6 1971 - September 1 2005

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02-01-2009 3:30 AM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

Hallo my beautiful angel.  just to tell you that I love and miss you so much.   I think of you constantly and the pain is so deep for the longing to see you again, it hurts.    One day, one day Jo, all will be good again.   Until then honey, rest gently and know you are loved.  Mum

01-30-2009 7:02 AM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

Dear Jo, I visit to see your smiling face and I am rewarded when I get here.  I wish it could be in person.  One day it will.

Love and kisses Jenny xx

01-28-2009 4:38 AM -- By: Lori,  From: Denver, CO  

I am sorry for your loss and I hope you have found some peace.

01-15-2009 8:33 PM -- By: Marilyn,  From: NY  

She is radiant!!  A beautiful young lady!!

01-09-2009 2:55 AM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

Dear Jo and Jean,

A  new year a new hope.  Cure for cancers and those many insidious diseases that take our loved ones.  I will pray for that and for you.  Love Jenny xx

01-03-2009 4:49 AM -- By: jean,  From: uk  

Jo, so sorry,  I missed your first of the month anniversary.   the days and nights have just rolled into one.   just so glad Christmas and new year is over and we can get back to normality, whatever that is.   still love and miss you so much.    dreamed about you last night honey, but it was one of those confusing dreams, but very vivid.  hope and pray that you are happy wherever you are, but know that you are loved, more than you will ever know.  Mum

12-27-2008 11:07 AM -- By: Tom, Mareesa and Angel Steven,  From: 56285  

Season Greetings to you and yours. Pray for peace on earth and bring our troops home.

12-26-2008 7:31 AM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

Dear Jo, Christmas peace and memories I wish for you.  May the New Year help dull the ache in the hearts of your family and friends that wish you were here.  Surely there must be a higher place that you now reside and a purpose so great beyond the thoughts imaginable by us.  Love and kisses, Jenny xx

12-25-2008 8:26 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Merry Christmas In Heaven Jo.

Thinking of you today Jean.


12-25-2008 4:19 AM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

We love and miss you so much, especially today.   Another year, another empty space at the table.   what we wouldnt give for just one more day with you Jo..   My daughter, my soul mate, my little helper, my best friend, my baby, you are all these wonderful things rolled into one.   May you rest gently Jo and know you are loved, more than you will ever know,  Mumxxxxxxx speak to you again soon.  

12-24-2008 11:26 PM -- By: Charlie ,  From: Mayo,Maryland  

Merry Christmas beautiful Joanne and Jean,I will be thinking of you and your family tomorrow.Love,Charlie...Uncle to angel Dorothy Collison


12-23-2008 2:16 PM -- By: Janice,  From:  


My prayers & thoughts are with you & your family this Christmas season. My prayer is for each of you to feel Jo's presence each & every second. I know that Jo & Lakyn are celebrating a wonderful Christmas together. "Soar High With The Angels", Jo & hug my Lakyn for Me. Love, Janice


12-20-2008 3:42 PM -- By: Bettina,  From: Australia  

Dearest Jean and Beautiful Angel Jo,

Thank you so much for coming by Jean, your visits always bring me such comfort, as I know you're not one to visit all that often (just like me), and to know that you just spent some of the little energy you must have in you at this time of year on me, means so much to me!!!

Sweet and Beautiful Angel Jo, the depth of your parents love is indicative of the special person you were and still are to them, how can you even begin to fault this kind of love...My heart breaks for them, as I know all too well the hole and emptiness they must now live with not having you here with them were you belong.

Jean, wishing you and your family peace during what's now become a season of sorrow for us.

From across the shores in Australia, I send you much love and peace, Bettina

12-18-2008 6:25 PM -- By: Jean Stephanies Mom,  From: West Virginia  

Dearest  Jean and Angel Joanne,

I have been thinking of all of our Angels as this Christmas approaches. My husband and I are leaving in a few days to our youngest daughter and her family,  and I wanted to take the time to thank you for the kindness you have shown to me and my Stephanie this past year. I hope for all of us, as we remember them  a peaceful and calm Christmas.

God Bless You,


12-16-2008 3:54 PM -- By: ,  From:  


I just wanted to come by to say I am thinking of your Angel Jo today.OUR Angels are special everyday.Today, tomorrow,forever...Hugs, Rose


12-14-2008 5:10 AM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

Dear Jo, 

You are in my thoughts and my heart goes out to your family.  They must wonder at the unfairness of losing you.  Wishing you were still on this earth.  Love Jenny xx

12-03-2008 6:42 AM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

The world is a lesser place without you in it Jo.  If there are angels above you will walk in their midst.  Wishing you peace.

Love Jenny xx

12-01-2008 2:02 AM -- By: jean,  From: uk  

Hallo my beautiful girl, your 1st of the month anniversary Jo, three years, three months since you left us.  It seems like yesterday was the last time I saw your beautiful face, with that beautiful smile.    You are loved and so missed Jo, cant wait for the day when I will see you again.  Rest gently honey, and know you are loved.  Mum xxxxxxx

11-24-2008 6:53 AM -- By: ,  From:  

I am stopping by to say "God Bless". The pain of losing a daughter never goes away. Jo, watch over your Mom and let her feel your love.   Susan St.Jean

11-16-2008 11:40 AM -- By: Katrina,  From: Canberra Australia to NJ USA  

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for your birthday wishs.

Sweet Joanne, I missed your birthday angel I am sorry. I belated birthday wish for you . I hope you had a wonderful day in your new world on your birthday


11-16-2008 6:17 AM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

Hi Jo,  I come by often to read your guestbook and through that I am getting to know you a bit more.  I know that you were beautiful and special and that most of all you were so loved by your family.  You have left a gaping hole in the hearts of many, a hole that only your voice and your touch and your presence could fill.  That was the depth of all about you Jo.   Kisses Jenny xx

11-11-2008 1:33 AM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

Hi Jo and Jean,  came to say hi and to tell you that I am going to work towards getting back to England in the next few years and I want very much to make conatct and spend some time with you Jean.  Hope it doesnt take me too long.  Thinking of you both with much love.  Jenny xx

11-05-2008 3:12 PM -- By: Jill's Mommy,  From: Michigan  

Thank you to Jo's family for stopping to visit and sign my Jill's guest book.  What a beautiful girl.  I am so sure you are missing her.  Life just deosn't make sense. 

11-05-2008 1:56 PM -- By: Sharon,  From: GA  

11-01-2008 3:45 AM -- By: jean,  From: uk  

Hallo my angel, another month goes by and I still ask myself the same question "why you, why you" why was you taken from us too soon.    Its makes me angry when I think of all the horrible people still walking around, and your life gets cut short.   It makes me question a lot of things.   The pain of losing you Jo, still doesnt get any easier, and I dont think it ever will.    I just get comfort from the fact that I will see you again, one day.   Until then my angel, rest gently, and know you are loved, more than you will ever know, Mum

10-27-2008 3:11 PM -- By: Jean,  From: West Virginia  

Joanne, I have not visited you precious angel in a while and I just wanted to stop and say hello. I have been thinking of all of our children quite a lot lately as November 19th will be one year since my Stephanie left. I know your Mum misses you terribly, but I also know that you are dancing on the clouds, holding my Stephanie's hand.

Bless you always.......Jean mom of Stephanie

10-27-2008 3:26 AM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

Hallo my angel,  had a fantastic night on Saturday at the "JO GOLDS MEMORIAL QUIZ"  we raised £700.00 on the night, and your good mate "Stu will apply for a further £500.00 from HSBC bank, to swell the fund to £1200.00. The monies will be given to Little Haven Childrens Hospice, which was your favourite charity, and St Francis Hospice.    I know you were there Jo, but thought you could have helped our table to win, but to come second, wasnt  bad.    Missing you as much as ever Jo, as I know  lots of your friends who were there on Saturday, are too. I will speak with you again soon, rest gently and know you are loved, Mum  xxxxxxx

10-20-2008 8:25 AM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

Visiting you today Jo just to keep in touch.  Aunt Betty told me so much about you and your illness and your time at home with your Mum and Dad.  She told me how brave you were, always thinking of others and how you did'nt want them to be sad.  We cried together for you and I'm glad you are not suffering anymore.  Sleep tight Jo, you are in our hearts.  Love and kisses to you, Jenny xx

10-20-2008 12:38 AM -- By: ,  From:  

I am sending a mass message to all our VM angels,or the ones that I know anyway.I have a HUGE christmas tree,and this year my theme is going to be of the ANGELS.I am printing off pictures to put in snowflakes to hang on the tree.We have a contest in our county of the best christmas tree theme.We won the outdoor lighting 2 years ago,well 2nd place.So is it okay to add your angels picture?The reason I ask IF I was to win their will be a write up in the paper.Please let me know.My daughter is doing the cancer awareness theme.She already has her tree up working on it.It has pink lights,and is all done in pink and silver,the train is painted also for breast cancer awarness that goes around the track,ect.Hopefully one of us will win.Even if I don't then know your ANGEL was in the kansas city area at my house for our christmas celabration..I will be adding pictures at christmas time on the computer..Hugs, Rose

10-19-2008 9:19 AM -- By: Rosalie Kruger,  From: South Africa  

You had a beautiful daughter - what a loss.  I know only to well how it feels to lose a daughter as I lost a daughter in 2006. 


I found your memorial very moving and I thank you for allowing me to see it.


Rosalie Kruger


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