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Memorial created 07-28-2006
Joanne Golds
August 6 1971 - September 1 2005

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02-01-2010 4:09 AM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

Hallo babe, just to say a big thank you for looking after Rich, he is getting better slowly, but its still a waiting game of patience.   its going to take a long while to recover, but with your love and help, he will get there.    Still miss you so much honey, a visit in my dreams would be lovely, although when I close my eyes at night, your face is the only thing I see, which is nice.   Rest gently Jo, and know how much you are loved and missed by everyone, Mum xxxxxxx

01-25-2010 12:34 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Stopping by Jo to let you know, you are in my daily prayers, along with my Renee.  You are so missed and loved. God Bless you.......Susan

01-15-2010 12:09 PM -- By: Nova,  From: uk  

Hello my lovely

well you know you & your mum made me cry christmas day,Jack's little trainers are so cute,and I will treasure the,(well i'll let him wear them first!!,but they are going to go in his memory box when his finished) then he can know that his auntie Jo bought him his first trainers with of course the help of your mummy.Miss you so much,and emailed your sister who said your brother has been ill,so I will give your a mum a call soo to see how he is,thanks for looking over us all love you lots xx Novaxx

01-12-2010 6:27 AM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

Jo and Jean, I hope Ricky is OK.  Am thinking of you all.  XXXXX

01-10-2010 6:57 AM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

Dear Jo,  hold Ricky's hand tomorrow and see him safely through his operation.  Your mum needs him to stay with her, but you know that sweetie, dont you.  I will be praying for him to have a good result and a speedy recovery.  He has a lot of living left to do.  All my love to you Jo and to all your family.  I think of you very often.  With much love, Jenny xxxxxxx

01-01-2010 4:38 AM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

Happy New Year my angel.    You are in my heart and mind constantly Jo, I miss you so much.     Hope you are happy wherever you honey, and cant wait for the day that we are together again,. rest gently Jo,    Love you forever,  Mum xxxx

12-31-2009 2:32 PM -- By: Jean,  From: For always, Stephanie's Mom  

Dear Jean and Sweet Angel Joanne,

I have not been here much over the holidays, but I want you to know that I am thinking of you on this New Years Eve, and praying for all of us. Our lives will never be the same, but the friendship that I have found here gets me through each day. Thank you Jean.

Jean....for always and forever, Stephanie's Mom

12-25-2009 8:16 AM -- By: John Tigano,  From: New York  

Dearest Angel Joanne, my love and prayers this Christmas season and always. Love, your friend, John.

12-25-2009 5:50 AM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

Today we raised our glasses in a toast to you and the other loved ones that are no longer here on earth with us.  You are missed so much Jo and loved by so many.  May your spirit walk freely and peacefully among us and the warmth of your nearness bring comfort to those who need it most.  With love to you Jo at Christmas.  Jenny xx

12-25-2009 3:03 AM -- By: jean,  From: uk  

Happy Christmas my angel,  we love and miss you so much.    keep looking after Rich for me, he still hasnt had his operation, not until the 11th January, so just a bit longer.     Have a lovely day Jo wherever you are, you will be in my heart forever.   rest gently and know you are loved,  Mum xxxxx

12-23-2009 9:51 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Thinking of you and your Angel..

Merry Christmas from my house to yours...And to our Angels in Heaven...Rose

12-22-2009 2:30 PM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

In the quiet of the early morning heaven doesnt seem that far away.  You walk quietly amongst us Jo, dont you.  I will think of you on this Christmas season and pray for peace for you and your family.  Every candle is a reminder of the light you brought to people's lives.  Sleep gently in God's arms. With love, Jenny xxxxx

12-09-2009 8:33 AM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

Thinking of you today Jo and of Ricky.  Wishing him all the good luck in the world for his op.  Sending you strength and love Jean.  xxxxx Jenny

12-01-2009 4:24 AM -- By: jean,  From: uk  

Hallo babe, my monthly update is here again and its that time of year again that I dread the most.   This year though Jo things are a little different.   Rich is due to go into hospital on the 16th December for his life saving operation, so Christmas is cancelled for us and we will just concentrate on him, and with your help, he will get his life back.  Love and miss you so much honey, you rest gently, stay forever young, and be happy, love Mumxxx

11-24-2009 6:23 PM -- By: Jean,  From: Forever Stephanie's Mom  

Dear Jean and Beautiful Angel Joanne,

Thank you so very much for your kind words for Stephanie's Angel date. It means so much to me to know that she is not forgotten. We will be with our daughters again someday, until then, I know that they are here. My heart and my prayers are with you always.

Jean....for always and forever, Stephanie's Mom

11-12-2009 3:18 AM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

Some people only dream of angels - I held one in my arms.      love and miss you,  mum

11-01-2009 3:21 AM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

Hallo my angel, my monthly visit is here again.   Still loving and missing you as much as ever.   Thank you for taking care of of Rich, he is so much better.   not had the op yet, but is stabilised, so it shouldnt be too much longer.   your soft spot for him worked Jo, thank you.    Went to the crem yesterday to give your memorial a bit of a tidy up, in the end it looked lovely, just like you.    You take care my angel, and be forever young.   rest gently, and know you are loved.  Mum xxxxxxx

10-20-2009 5:49 AM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

Dear Jo, god bless you and Ricky, I hope he is safe and you are watching over him.  Much love Jenny xxxx

10-08-2009 6:57 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Times passes by yet the heart aches remain. God Bless you Jo.  I pray for you, Jean as well....Love Susan

10-01-2009 2:21 AM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

Hi my angel, another first of the month Jo and still missing you so much.   I know you are looking after Rich, and he needs you more than ever.    He has to have heart surgery next week,, without it, he wont survive.   Take care of him Jo, and help him through this.   I know you will.   Love and miss you forever, rest gently honey, and know you are loved,  Mum

09-24-2009 2:00 AM -- By: jean,  From: uk  

Hi my angel, just to ask you to look after your brother Rich.  he is having such a hard time at the moment and needs your help.  Looks like surgery is the only option he has  at this time, so he has a lot to go through.  With your love I am sure he will come through it.     Missing you so much at this time, as I know he is too.   Rest gently my angel, and know you are loved, Mum

09-16-2009 7:11 AM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

Hi Jo, what might have been and never can be, that is what Im going to miss in the future.  The opportunity for our lives to cross and become entwined.  Im sad for that loss and for the loss of you..  Be at peace Jo, my wish for you.  Jenny xxx

09-05-2009 7:53 AM -- By: Rita,  From: Michigan  

Dear Joanne & Family,  I have been downstate visiting with my daughter and was unable to send you this for your Angelversary.  You have been in my thoughts and prayers all week.  I know how hard this day is for your family.  All the beautiful memories that they hold so dear to their hearts can never replace the you, your hugs, your laughter, your kindness.  Stay beside them and send them signs from you to let them know you are happy with your Heavenly Father.  I send my prayers to them and ask Our Lord to watch over them and to bring them all Peace of Heart.  Sending lots of Love n' Hugs, Always, Rita

Rest in Peace and may the Eternal Light shine down upon you and grant you Eternal Rest.

09-04-2009 11:11 AM -- By: Kelly,  From:  

Thank you for visiting my mothers memorial today for her birthday. I see that your beautiful Joanne just had her 4 year anniversary of her passing. She is so lovely. I am so sorry for your loss. God Bless

09-02-2009 4:57 PM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

Thinking of you Jo, you are always in my heart.  xxxxx

09-01-2009 6:57 PM -- By: Janette,  From:  

"If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane,we would walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again"


09-01-2009 5:49 PM -- By: Betty and Ken,  From:  

In loving memory and so sadly missed by us all. Sending love to you Jo ...... love Betty and Ken  xx    Janette, Mark , Charlotte and Victoria xx       Terry , Mari , Jessie and Natalie xx


09-01-2009 12:38 PM -- By: myra,  From:  

Blessings on Joanne's Angel Day.


09-01-2009 2:28 AM -- By: Mum,  From: uk  

Hallo my beautiful angel, its your 4th year anniversary today Jo,  and it just seems like yesterday that we said goodbye to you forever.   The years pass by but the pain of losing you my angel, will never cease.  You will be in our hearts and minds forever.   We miss everything about, you, your love, your smile, your just being here.   Have a happy day Jo wherever you are, rest gently, and know you are loved, more than you will ever know. Mumxxxxxxx

09-01-2009 1:20 AM -- By: renee,  From:  

happy angel day blessings to you... 



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