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Memorial created 07-28-2006
Joanne Golds
August 6 1971 - September 1 2005

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10-04-2010 4:38 PM -- By: jean,  From: uk  

Hi honey, sorry for not visiting you sooner, but access to a computer has been tricky, to say the least.   we are up and running, but dont know how long for.     still miss you so much Jo, and think about you constantly.    that will never change.    rest gently babe, and know you are loved, all my love, Mum


09-16-2010 7:42 AM -- By: Susan St.Jean,  From: Pickering Ontario  

Jo, I am stopping by to tell you how lucky you were to have such a thoughtful, caring Mother. She is a gem, and I want you to know I appreciate her very much. You are in my prayers daily, as I ask God to take care of my Renee, I ask he take care of you as well, beautiful girl. How I pray you never have to know the sorrow, and pain your Mother goes through every day, missing you.  Praying for all things wonderful for you in heaven.......Love Susan

09-01-2010 9:08 PM -- By: Alan,  From: Left behind  


On Joanne's 5th angelversary; I wanted to come by and leave a small message in her guestbook.

I just read your comment to her here. I feel the same way. In fact, all parents feel the same way about their children. All the pain and depression that is unlike any other when our loved ones pass. They were our children and forever will be. To lose their life at any age, whether it was 34 or 18.......not only did they die young; but, all the "what if's" still are with us for the rest of "our" lives.

We will wonder what they would look like today; what they would be doing in their life; how involved we would be in their life.....etc. We feel guilty for all the times that we were "just too busy" to call or take the time to be with them. If only we would have known; but, why do we get so busy in life that we forget to "live" life with our loved ones and only realize what we have missed when it is gone? It's true in life for everyone and it makes the missing and longing for them that much greater and the pain and guilt also so much stronger. 

Remembering Joanne on this special day......the day that the world lost a very special person.

JOANNE GOLDS            ; 8/6/71 ~ 9/1/05 


09-01-2010 2:38 PM -- By: Sam,  From: Orpington  


If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.

Cannot comprehend that 5 years have passed as still missing you so much and feel so sad that you never got to meet our Amy Jo, she is a real character and getting funnier day by day. She has been wearing her Nike trainers which are from you and Mum and are soo cute. Love you hun Sam xxxxxxx

08-31-2010 7:36 PM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

 Jo and Jean, I will be thinking of you both today.  Its the first day of spring in Australia, the birth of new life... just wish it could be yours Jo.  Love always, Jenny xxxxx

08-30-2010 2:10 AM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

Hi my angel, I know I am a couple of days early posting for your 5 year anniversary on the 1st sept, but as you know honey, we are moving home tomorrow.    Our moving date was supposed to be the 1st sept - but no way would we let anything interfere with your special day.  We will meet at the crem, make your memorial pretty, and think about you.   Why is life so unfair Jo, this just shouldnt be happening.   I know I seem to say the same t hing over and over, but the missing of you hurts so much, this endless empty feeling inside will never go away.    We will raise a glass to you on wednesday Jo, and hope you are happy and pain free wherever you are.  Rest gently babe and know you are loved, more now than ever before.  I'll see you in my dreams,  love Mum  xxxxxxx

The mention of my daughters name may bring tears to my eyes, but it leaves a smile in my heart.

08-29-2010 3:15 PM -- By: Alan ,  From: Left behind  


Thank you for your comment in his guestbook on what would have been his 22nd birthday here on earth. I am just writing back to everyone who wrote into his guestbook. Very emotional still this year.

The years without him haven't ceased the pain of losing him. The every minute pain and despair is no longer there; but, the hurt and the longing for him continues.

Thank you, again for being here for me when it is most appreciated.

With only memories left of our children.......


08-06-2010 6:53 PM -- By: Janette,  From: Wickford  

Happy birthday Jo..... I know you will be partying with the angels in heaven today xx


08-06-2010 5:17 PM -- By: Alan,  From: Left Behind  


On what would have been Joanne's 39th birthday here on earth; she now spends it in heaven. All those that loved her while she was here; love her, still. The missing and longing for her never ceases.

I was last her on 10/03/08.......wow.....long time. Missed a couple of birthdays and angelversaries. Nothing changes, after the 1st 3 years. This, I have learned. We acknowledged Crawford's 3rd angelversary this last May and what would have been his 22nd birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks. Nothing has changed. The everyday grief has gone away, finally. But, the loss of him.......and longing for him......has never ceased.

I have lit a candle in Joanne's memory for her birthday.

With only memories left of them.......


08-06-2010 9:06 AM -- By: Gill,  From:  

Hey Jo, well its that time of year again where you catch me up in age! So what did you miss this last year - nothing much! Continued recession, sweaty summer, me getting fatter! Hope you're having fun looking down on everyone...I'm out for a drink tonight so will have one (or maybe a few) for you. Love always x x x x

08-06-2010 1:42 AM -- By: jean,  From: uk  

Happy Birthday my angel.   You will always be young and beautiful, never growing old, that is the only consolation that we have.  I know I miss you more than ever Jo, and that will never change.   We all miss you very very much.  We will visit your memorial later, leave your flowers, then we will go for a meal to toast your birthday.   What I wouldnt give for a proper birthday hug.    You rest gently honey, and know you are loved and missed more than you will ever know. Mum, Dad, Rich, Sam, Paul, Beth, Katy and Amy Jo xxxxxxx

08-06-2010 12:44 AM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

 Hi Jo, on your birthday Im thinking of you with love and wishing you peace wherever you are resting.  Much love, Jenny xxx

07-31-2010 11:51 PM -- By: Tina,  From:  

Thank you so much dearest Jean for your beautiful words. We managed to get through today. The pain is always there....it never leaves us. We celebrated Gino's birthday in the same way that he always loved to celebrate it...with family and special friends. We reminised about all the wonderful and funny things that Gino used to do. Sometimes crying and other times laughing. We will always remember how special our children were. They will always hold that very special place in our heart. I love you Jean and I know that your beautiful Angel Joanne's  5th year Angelversary is coming soon. I know just how difficult this time is for you. I am keeping you in my prayers. Angel Joanne watch over your Mum from heaven sweet Angel. Hugs to you.

Love..Tina(Gino's Mamma)


07-31-2010 2:21 AM -- By: Mum,  From: uk  

Hi to my beautiful girl, just to say that I love and miss you so much.    Will soon be your birthday Jo, another year older but as beautiful as ever.   Rest gently honey, and know you are loved,  Mumxxxxxxx

07-07-2010 12:24 PM -- By: Lorraine Elston,  From: Dartford, Kent  

Such a warm and beautiful person from a lovely family. It was a pleasure to know you during our school years and those many years spent as Green Arrows.

Always thought of with such fond memories - that bubbly, giggly girl with a heart of gold!

Lorraine Elston (Ritson) XX

07-05-2010 3:46 PM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

Hi my darling Jo, sorry for being late with my message this month, but have been away for a couple of days.   Still missing you like crazy - no change there.    had a text from Nova the other day.  little Jack is one year old now and she said that he wore his "Aunty Jo" trainers on his birthday.  which was nice.   when we move over to Kent, we will be living not far from Nova, so might get to see her and baby a bit more, which will be nice.    we have been really busy.   it will seem very strange to leave here, and I know I shall be leaving so many memories behind as well.    Most of them good, but some of them very sad.  I have your roomed planned in my mind and it will be just as you like it.   You rest gently honey, and know that I love and miss you so much.    Rich said to me the other day, that he misses you and thinks about you every day, and that we dont talk enough about you.   I said anytime you want to talk to me about Jo, i'm listening.   I could talk about you all the time..   speak to you again soon honey,  love and miss you forever,  mum

06-21-2010 10:11 AM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

Jo and Jean, I come to your memorial Jo as sign of respect to you and love to you both.  I have come to learn the suffering and despair the loss of a loved one can bring to the family left behind.  I hope I can learn from the messages I read here, to never take for granted the preciousness of your children and your family around you.  I wish so much for the grief to ease Jean, but I can truly understand how it never can.  Thanks for allowing me to share. Much love, Jenny xxxxxx

06-02-2010 2:06 AM -- By: Mum,  From: uk  

Hallo honey, half way through another year, another year of missing you so much.   time is no healer, and it never will be.    we have been so busy Jo - we are moving house.    it will be such a wrench to leave here, as I feel we will be leaving part of you behind.    b ut we have to move on and I know you think this too.   we will never go anywhere without you Jo, you are here in our hearts all the time.   In our new home there is already "Jo's room" and you know it will be in your colour too.   Love and miss you so much, wish you could share all that is going on in our lives.  Rest gently Jo and know you are loved, more than you will ever know,  Mum

The mention of my daughters name may bring tears to my eyes, but it leaves a "smile" in my heart.

05-29-2010 10:01 AM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

God bless you Jo and may you be resting peacefully while you wait.  With love Jenny xxxxxxx

05-07-2010 5:16 AM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

Dear Jo and Jean,  our daily life goes on and we get busy with what we are doing, but my thoughts turn to you both very often and I wish your hurt will subside... even just a little bit.  With love, Jenny xxxxx

05-03-2010 2:49 AM -- By: jean,  From: uk  

Hi honey, love and miss you so much   xxxxxxx

04-15-2010 3:36 AM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

Hi honey,    what I wouldnt give to hear you  say "happy birthday Mum, love you."     One day Jo, one day, I will,   Mum

04-09-2010 6:40 PM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

Dear Jo and Jean, such sad news that I read when I visited your page.  Another angel in heaven.  I came to say hello Jo and to look at your smiling face.  Its a reminder that we have to be so grateful for what we have and for me to live each day to its fullest.  Thank you Jo, with much love, Jenny xxxxx

04-04-2010 2:03 AM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

Hi Jo,  such sad news, your wonderful carer Carol has joined you in heaven, but you already know this.   She held your hand as you slipped away, and she held us together after.    such a lovely person, so caring, loving and funny.  may you have fun together,   rest gently Carol, and know you are loved, now its your turn Jo to look after her,    love you forever,   Mum  xxxxxx

04-01-2010 3:13 AM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

Hi my lovely girl, love and miss you forever,   mum xxxxxx

03-30-2010 7:28 AM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

Dear Jo, you will remain young and beautiful and precious.  Your face like an angel's, your smile so warm and welcoming.  Waiting patiently for all of us to join you, someday.  We will have the chance to meet again.  Till then Jo.....    with all my love, Jenny xxxxxxx

03-03-2010 7:15 AM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

Dear Jo and Jean, thinking of you both today with much love and sadness.  Jean hoping you can get through another month without your beautiful Jo.

 Love always, Jenny xxxxxxx

03-01-2010 4:00 AM -- By: jean,  From: uk  

Another first of the month Jo and still this nightmare goes on.    missing you so much, and I know it will never end.   Miss everything about you, just everything.    Rest gently honey, and know you are loved,   Mum  xxxxxxx

02-14-2010 3:25 AM -- By: jean,  From: uk  

love you, miss you, want you back so bad

02-03-2010 7:25 AM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

Dear Jo and Jean, glad that Ricky is taking small steps on the road to recovery.  Just heard about Gary being ill, hoping that the love of the family can support and pull him through.  With you there in his corner Jo he has every chance.  Much love Jenny xxxxxx


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