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Memorial created 07-28-2006
Joanne Golds
August 6 1971 - September 1 2005

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09-01-2013 6:54 AM -- By: Susan St.Jean,  From: Pickering Ontario  

 Jo, I wanted to stop by to say I am thinking and praying for you on this very sad day.  Eight years ago you were taken from your loving family. Each day since then your Mom has tried to act like her heart is not breaking. I hope you are in a very happy place dear.  Love Susan 

08-31-2013 6:00 PM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

 If I could jump really high do you think I could reach heaven and just stop by to hug you today?  Wish there was a way, not just for me but for those who miss you so much.  Today there will be hearts breaking again as they think of you and wish you were still here.  One day we will all meet again.  Till then.....  All my love, Jenny xoxo 

08-06-2013 3:31 AM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

Happy birthday our darling girl. Another year goes by Jo and still the missing and wanting you back goes on and on.     Would so love to see your beautiful smile again and give you the biggest hug ever.   Sleep gently my lovely girl and know that you are loved and missed more than words can say,  your mum xxxxxxx

08-04-2013 9:16 PM -- By: Susan St.Jean,  From: Pickering, Ont.  

 Stopping by a few days early to say, I am thinking of you Jo especially now with your birthday in a few days.  I hope there is a huge party happening and you celebrate with all your loved ones. Send your Mum some love, it will be a sad day for her.

I pray daily for you and Renee.  Happy Angel Birthday Joanne.


08-01-2013 4:36 AM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

Hi my angel,a nother month goes by,  more sadness, more beautiful memories of you, rest gently honey, xxxxxxx mum xxxxxxx

07-13-2013 4:05 AM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

Hi Jo,  it will soon be your birthday, another year goes by, all the same emotions,  all the same sadness.     we all still love and miss you so much.    just cant get over losing you Jo.     never will,     rest gently babe and know you are still loved and missed so much xxxxxxx  mum   xxxxxxx

06-26-2013 7:21 PM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

  I just came by to say I was thinking of you last night Jo.  The supermoon was a brilliant beacon of hope and luminosity in the sky.  Another friend joined you last week, Rachael.  Too many young women taken too soon.  Comfort each other Jo and know that we continue the fight for the cure with all our heart and soul.  Love Jenny xo

06-02-2013 3:44 AM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

Hi my sweet girl, hope you are still sleeping gently. I will love and miss you forever,   xxxxxxxmum

05-07-2013 3:21 AM -- By: jean,  From: uk  

Hi my sweet girl, another month goes by Jo and the heartache still goes on.    nothing changes.    rest  gently angel and know you are loved and missed xxxxxxx your mum     xx

04-14-2013 7:00 PM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

 Dear Jo, coming by to say hello and to let you know that you are thought of so very often, knowing you will be taking special care of your mum today.  With all my love, Jen xxxx

04-03-2013 3:54 PM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

God I miss you soxxxxxxx

03-24-2013 7:03 AM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

 Hi Jo, I came tonight to tell you about a young woman I know here in Australia, who is in a coma and not expected to last the night.  Kylie has cervical cancer and it is about to take her life.  Another life, heartlessly taken too soon.  Meet her at the gates Jo, hold her hand and tell her not to be scared.  Tell her she is loved and missed just as much as you are.  Rest in peace dear girls.  We miss you more than you will ever know.  With love and heartbreak, Jenny xoxox

03-01-2013 4:20 AM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

Hi my sweet girl, another month goes by Jo and I am here to tell you the same thing again, that I love and miss you so much.   It just goes on an on.    One day Jo, all will be healed, until then honey, rest gently and know we all love and miss you so much,   your mum x  xx xxx  xxx

02-01-2013 3:56 AM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

HI my darling girl, just to say you how much I love and miss you.    it just seems to be more and more each day - if that were possible.    thanks for your visit in my dreams Jo, that was special.   here in my heart you will always be, love and miss you forever, rest gently Jo.  xxxxxxx   mum

01-05-2013 7:26 PM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

 Hi Jo, came by to let you know that I am thinking of you.  Its a lovely day here today and I cant help but think you make our days brighter somehow from wherever you are.  Much love Jenny xxxxx

01-04-2013 5:52 AM -- By: Lorraine,  From: Dartford, Kent  

 Hello Jo, Well another Christmas has gone with it being a time when we especially miss our loved ones. I normally find Christmas day is lovely, as I celebrate with my hubby and daughter, but I've never been able to enjoy New Years Eve, since the passing of both my parents. Just the 'song' starts me off! I thought about you when we visited the cemetry, just before Christmas. I can't imagine what it must be like for your parents, but I hope in some way, they are able to draw strength from you and their love for you is everlasting.

Love, as always. Lorraine. xx

12-25-2012 4:02 AM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

Hi my angel, another christmas without you Jo - missing you so much at this  time of year  and would just love to give you a christmas hug.   Made your memorial look pretty, and leflt your favourite yellow roses, but your not there, your here is our hearts and thats where you will stay.    one of your bestest friends nova needs a lot of help right now, so please jo send your love to her and her family.      have a lovely day in heaven sweetie, rest gently, and know that you are loved and missed so much,    your mum and dad xxxxxxx

12-24-2012 4:57 AM -- By: Nova Molloy,  From: kent  

Hi darling Jo

Another christmas is upon us,and you are always on my mind,I miss you so much and I know you are with us all,but it just shouldn't be like this.Tom has had a rough year this year and it once again shows how precious life is.Missing your wonderful smile & beautiful personality .Sleep tight friend,until we meet again xxxxxxx

12-22-2012 9:11 PM -- By: susan st.jean,  From: pickering  

 Jo, Christmas time is around the corner, and another harder time for your family. It never gets easier for Mums Jo, and some days are worse then others.  Rest peacefully beautiful girl.

Love Susan xo

12-02-2012 5:13 PM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

Hi my lovely, nearly that time of year again when the missing of you is just so overwhelming.     when I am shopping for pressies, I still look for what I would have brought for you - you were never fussy, never really wanted anything.   anyway Jo, will visit your memorial soon, make it look lovely for you, but you know where you really are - dont you, and thats where your going to stay.    love and miss you so much babe, rest gently and know how much you are loved and missed  -  your mum xxxxxxx

11-01-2012 4:57 AM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

Hallo my sweet girl, another month goes by, but you remain forever young and beautiful.   thats how you will always stay Jo.    Love and miss you so much, thanks for the lovely dream, did make me giggle..  rest gently honey, and know you are loved,  xxxxxxxyour mumxxxxxxx

10-26-2012 2:27 AM -- By: Jenny Phillips,  From: Australia  

 Dearest Jo, thought of you today and smiled.  Wish I could sit and have a cup of tea with the all Gold's girls together, wouldnt that be a treat.  One day we will.....  With love, Jenny xxxx

10-01-2012 5:45 PM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

Hi Jo, just a message to say i miss you more and more each day.  I miss you hugs, your smile, your gentleness, just all of you.   sleep well ,    your mum xxxxxxx

09-01-2012 6:03 PM -- By: ,  From:  

 Hello darling girl. Every year passes by so quickly and yet the memory of you never fades. I read all your mum's comments about you with complete admiration and all my maternal instincts are heightened as it's so easy to feel the overwhelming pride she has for you. Continue to shine.

With love. Lorraine Ritson (Elston)

09-01-2012 9:30 AM -- By: ,  From:  

 Thinking of you Jo on this, your Angel day. As always, I am praying you are  happy and at peace. Please lay a hand on your Mom's shoulder today, she will be having a very hard time. You are missed so much.  Love Susan

09-01-2012 3:41 AM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

Hi my beautiful angel, its your seventh anniversary today - seven years, an eternity, a lifetime, but seems like seconds ago that you left us.   I can still see that smile on your pretty face when you left, a smile which said it all.    Love and miss you so much Jo,    Have a lovely angelday wherever you are and rest gently.xxxxxxxyour mum xxxxxxx

08-19-2012 5:21 PM -- By: ,  From:  

 Dearest Jo, we had a wonderful visit with all the family, and Mum and Dad, we met Paul, Beth, Katy and Amy for the first time and had the most fun night catching up on old memories of us all.  Sam hasn't changed a bit, still that lovely soft, giving soul that I remember.  We had a toast to you for your birthday and in all our hearts we imagined you there with us.  Best of all I was blessed with a treasured gift from your Mum, that truly means the world to me. Thank you Jean. Our lives are richer for connecting and we won't allow the bond to be broken again. Thank you Jo for joining our hearts and our hands across the miles. Love and sweet peace to you Jo.  Love Jenny xxxxxx

08-06-2012 3:12 AM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

Happy birthday our beautiful angel - your 41st birthday, another year of missing you - another year of heeartache.   it just goes on and on jo.   We will visit your memorial, lay flowers, leave your birthday cards, and wish you a very happy birthday in heaven.   Rest gently angel, and know you are truly loved and missed so much,  your mum, dad and all the family xxxxxxx


08-05-2012 7:43 AM -- By: susan st.jean,  From: Pickering, Ont.  

 Jo, stopping by a day early to wish you an "angel" birthday greeting. It will be a hard day for your Mom. I pray you are very happy.  Time passes but grief lasts forever.  God Bless you, beautiful girl.  Love Susan

08-01-2012 3:29 AM -- By: mum,  From: uk  

Hi my angel, its your 41st birthday in a few days time and my gift to you is love and peace.    All our love is sent to you Jo, and hope you are at peace.   speak again soon, angel, your mum xxxxxxx


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