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Memorial created 07-28-2006
Joanne Golds
August 6 1971 - September 1 2005

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12-25-2006 2:49 AM -- By: jean,  From: uk  

Hi honey, thinking of you today and wish for the best Christmas present ever, that you could be back here with us. Cant write anymore at the moment, will try again later. Love and miss you so much, God Bless you Jo, Mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

12-24-2006 6:00 PM -- By: Vi Kitteridge,  From: Hornchurch  

Hi Jo Thinking of you and wishing you a merry Christmas. Love Vi xx

12-21-2006 8:09 AM -- By: Sam,  From: Orpington  

Jo, we are all still really really missing you, all day every day. Its hard with christmas nearly here - I am missing all the trivial things we used to do like discussing what we should buy for xmas etc! Its not getting any easier but I know in my heart that you are here with us all the time. Beth and Katy have made lovely cards for you and we have left them at the memorial, Mum has left you a beautiful christmas tree which I know you would like. I also know you will be enjoying the xmas decs which she has put all around and on the trees near your memorial!! It does look lovely. Miss you angel, Sam x x x x x x x x x x x x x

12-20-2006 4:27 AM -- By: Philip,  From: Sydney, Australia  

How blessed you were to have this beautiful person in your lives. Her inner beauty radiates through her smile. My deepest sympathies for your loss. Thank you for creating this memorial for her, so that people like me, who would never have got to know her, can gather some insight into who she was, and how priveledged all of those were, who came into contact with her.

God bless


12-15-2006 9:46 AM -- By: jean,  From: uk  

Hi Honey, just to tell you we love and miss you. not looking forward to Christmas one bit, without you it all seems pointless. One day Jo, one day it will all be right again. Love you lots, Mum xxxxxxxx

12-12-2006 4:58 AM -- By: Elaine Avery Fuller,  From:  

Thank you for this tribute to Joannes life. Bless your family.

12-12-2006 12:55 AM -- By: Ilkka,  From: Findland  

Dear Joanne`s parents.

I didīt never know her but when I look at his face I can see her beutynies inside her.Itīs very sad that you both and his many friends lost her.I know that sickness (illnes ) she got because I had it too own.I have fight with it in mostly three years and still wonder why good people like your daughter and I got this brain tumor.Nothing are left of me even my soul has die with it for long time ago.Your daughter are very sensitive and beutiful.Like a angel with brown hair and good looking face.I had ask many times why we good people most sufer like this.We donīt had harm anyone.I had made my own memoriam site on this Virtual Memorials as cracy itīs sounds.I lost everything a human can own even the own dictiny and the reason why I born to earn this kind of end.A ending without humanity,without nobody.Just emptiness and waiting to past away.My pains are incredible.I canīt walk ,sleep,eat.The biggest thing was that my diagnos was wrong on year 2002 and my threatment wrong.Now I weight near 42kg(European).Your daughter was only 34yars old when she takes away from you.My heart bleeding for your lost.I donīt want to hurt you anyhow.I just tell that I have the same brain tumor your daughter got.Iīm only 40 year old guy.I canīt belive in God anymore because I had pray for forgivennes and health in mostly three years time without any changes.Itīs a miracle that Iīm still hre even I wich I should past away.I know my life are gone and nothing can suviour my illnes/ sickness.My only hope was for time ago only to live and the reason was the peole I love from bottom my heart.I should had so many things to do like your daughter ,I hadīt any enemy.My enemy are this brain tumor and I gonna lost this fight.But the sadness are to lost the reason why we people live and why we born here.Itīs better to no born then to suffer in many years with a horrible sickness.I hope that your sister didnīt had many pains when hers time was out.I know that I lie.This are painfully ,madness.I can only thnks for the 33 good years I got and I still have a son,but I hope he donīt claim my sickness.Huntington desices.I hope I dont hurt you with this sad letter.Take care of you both even I know what are to lost the most important human,your own dauhther.I hope she are in better place even I donīt belive in heaven or God.But your daughter are my love too even I never had a chance to learn her.

-With honor for Joanne and parentīs by Ilkka

12-05-2006 11:14 AM -- By: jasmine,  From: decatur,alabama  

Hi i'm very sorry for your loss. i'm concern about my health. I have terrible headaches everyday and i take medication for it, what i would like to know is that did your daughter have headaches alot? Because i see that she died from a brain tumor please contact me with information... Thank you!

12-03-2006 1:24 AM -- By: Donna Smith,  From: Ritchie County  

I just lost my father and I am trying to find confort and a place to leave his memory. I am so sorry for your loss. Joanne was a beautiful girl.

12-01-2006 7:57 AM -- By: jean,  From: uk  

Hi honey, another month gone by. you are in my mind constantly. Dad and me miss you so much, the house is so empty. I have been dreaming about you so much, but I cant remember them, wish I could. I know you are with us all the time. Soon be Christmas, but I just want it to go, it just doesnt seem the same with you not here. Cant wait to be with you again, love forever, Mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

11-28-2006 10:52 AM -- By: jean,  From: uk  

Hi Hon Love you xxxxxxxx

11-01-2006 2:09 AM -- By: jean,  From: uk  

Hi Honey, its that first day of the month again, fourteen months since you went away. I miss you more ane more each day. Life goes on and on and some days are just so hard to get through without you. Cant wait to see you again, love and miss you so much Jo. God Bless. Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

10-20-2006 10:34 AM -- By: Lara Jackson,  From: Shenfield  

I truly can't believe that a year has gone since your passing. I think about and miss you every day! You were and always will be my best friend. We have had so many happy carefree times that I will treasure forever and ever. The way you coped with your illness, always smiling, never complaining, is a constant reminder to me to try and be a better person and not to moan about trivial things.You were unique Jo and I am blessed to have known you and shared some of your life. My only regret is that Josh too could not of known what a wonderful person you were. If you see my Dad please say hi and tell him I love him. Missing you Lara xxxxxxx

10-18-2006 1:51 PM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Harleysville,Pa.  

To Jo's Family, Just passing through to see my son Joey's book and came across your Joanne. What a beautiful girl she is. I am so sorry she is gone, but never forgotten, God Bless Her.

Warmest Regards, Terrie Whiteman (Joey's Mom)

10-11-2006 7:52 AM -- By: jean,  From:  

Hi Honey, just heard, with great sadness, another one of your friends has passed. I remember you talking about Little Jo Oliver when you first joined the bank. You always has a soft spot for her didnt you. All of your friends are so saddened that another one of the old crowd has gone. I hope you have met up with her and taking care of her. Love and miss you so much, speak to you again soon, Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

09-24-2006 5:14 AM -- By: jean,  From: uk  

Hi honey, love and miss you so much xxxxxxxx

09-17-2006 1:24 PM -- By: Nova,  From: kent  

Hi Jo missing you so much,I went out for lunch with your Mum & dad which was lovely.They bought some flowers for me,and we got to have a good chat,your mum was telling me how you loved yellow roses,I wondered if you were with us.Then when they went home i opened the flowers,and I knew you had been with us,as there in the middle was 1 yellow rose,Jo I miss our chats & your smile,love you so much jo,sending you a big hug and kiss novaxxxxxxxxxx

09-08-2006 10:55 AM -- By: jean,  From: uk  

Hi honey, remembering you today - the day of your funeral. Love you so much, and miss you lots. God bless Jo.....Love forever Mum xxxxxx

09-06-2006 2:00 AM -- By: Kathy Day,  From: Alaska  

My husband Wayne also died of a brain tumor. It's horrible and your daughter was so beautiful and young. Hopefully she and Wayne are keeping each other company and they're both helping us get through the coming days.

09-04-2006 1:00 PM -- By: Laurie,  From: Las vegas  

We will never forget.I know your loss. My brother died August 15 06. I know this world is not our home. Joanne is with Jesus . Have peace in your hearts.We will be together again someday

09-02-2006 3:12 AM -- By: Jean,  From: uk  

Hi Honey, got through yesterday somehow. Your memorial looks beautiful, absolutely full of all your favourite flowers. we all went there yesterday to see you and then to your favourite restuarant, but I couldnt bring myself to order, what I know you would have ordered, sorry hon. I had candles burning for you all day, and said a prayer for you at 7.45 the time of your passing. Jo...its like time stood still, everything is still so vivid, so painful, so sad. We all miss you so much and losing you has saddened everybody beyond words. Speak to you again soon honey, love you lots, God Bless you Jo...Mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

09-01-2006 2:04 PM -- By: Paul,  From: Orpington  

Jo I see your gorgeous smile everyday while eating breakfast, it is a lovely picture with Sam! I am lost for words, just started crying about how life is so unfair. You are never far from my thoughts, love Paul xxx

09-01-2006 12:57 PM -- By: Katy,  From: Orpington  

JO hope your happy in heaven I can't believe your gone, missing you a lot my lovely angel. I cant stop thinking of you lots of love Katy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

09-01-2006 12:42 PM -- By: Sam,  From: Orpington  

Hi Jo, My beautiful, lovely sister. Still missing you loads and cannot believe that it has been a whole year without you - it still feels like only yesterday that you left us. We had a drink for you today at your favourite restaurant and I know you were there with us. Love you angel, Sam xx

09-01-2006 12:21 PM -- By: Bethy,  From: Orpington  

It has been one year since the angels took you away

One year were I have missed and thought about you every day

I remember you and I hope you will always remember me

You are my mind flying and buzzing around like a bee

lots and lots of love Bethy

09-01-2006 4:20 AM -- By: Violet Kitteridge,  From: Hornchurch  

Thoughts of you today, and many other times. I am so proud to know you and your wonderful Mum & Dad. I am sure you are watching over them. Love Vi xx

09-01-2006 2:19 AM -- By: Jean,  From: uk  

Hi Jo,Its now one year since you left us all. No one can still quite believe that you are gone, never to return. Your presence is missed wherever we are,whoever we are with, You have left such a void in everybodies lives. I still keep praying that you will appear and that it has been some horrendous nightmare. Hope you are happy with your Nans and Grandads and that they are taking care of you. Sleep gently honey and I cant wait to see you again - we'll have the biggest hug ever. I know I keep telling you how much you are loved, but just adding another million to that. Love and miss you so much, God Bless Jo, Mum, Dad and Poppy = who misses you as wellxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

09-01-2006 2:14 AM -- By: Sue Breame,  From:  

Hallo Joanne and family thoughts are with you today.xx

08-31-2006 8:05 PM -- By: Pat James,  From: Barbados  

Jo you were such a lovely lady and a very good dear friend to me. You will always be remembered. Rest in Peace. You will never be forgotton. We will always remember that you were the first to visit us and what a lovely surprise it was as well. Love Pat and Alston

08-31-2006 6:42 PM -- By: Paul,  From: London  

A year tomorrow since Jo was was taken. I still have trouble believing that it is true and that we won't see her again. She was so gentle and kind and sweet that it really is hard to make sense of why she had to go so young and with so much in front of her. She was the youngest of my cousins and had put up with so much for so long without complaining that I am still full of admiration for her courage. It has been so hard for Jean, Barry, Richard and Sam to bear to lose the baby of the family but they look after each other and are still taking things day by day. It is very hard to know the right things to say as there really is nothing you can say that could make things any better - but I will be thinking of Jo and the family tomorrow and hope that the day will not be too painful. I like to think of Jo as being safe with all the generations of our family and friends that have gone before and at peace. Much Love. Paul XXXX


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